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Have a question you need answered?  See our Frequently Asked Questions below or feel free to drop us a line or call our office.

Come prepared.  Fill out the Patent Intake Form  prior to your appointment.  

  • Can I still make an appointment if I’m not an athlete?
    Of course. Although, we specialize in treating athletes we are happy to support anyone achieve their goals or simply feel better.
  • Do you have same day appointments?
    Yes, we offer convenient same day office appointments.
  • What is a Certified Sports Chiropractor?
    In addition to completing a four-year doctoral graduate program at a nationally accredited institute, another year is spent acquiring training and knowledge to become a board certified sports chiropractor. In depth knowledge and advanced training in exercise physiology, nutrition, deep tissue massage and advanced soft tissue techniques are within the scope on practice. Furthermore, an understanding of biomechanics, balance, muscular coordination and stability play an important role in supporting athletic performance.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We do not accept health insurance. Dr. Williams and her team are focused on providing exceptional care without constraints. B2Y, does offer a variety of treatment packages to help reach your goals. Give us a call today 602-252-0659!
  • I've been in an accident, can I be treated with no out of pocket costs?"
    Yes, we will reach out to the “at fault” person’s insurance company, and/or your attorney for payment.
  • Can I be treated if I caused the car accident?
    Yes, you can pay out of pocket or use MedPay Insurance (if you have it) for treatment. Medical Payment Insurance or MedPay Insurance will pay for medical treatment if you were injured in an accident that was caused by you. MedPay is optional insurance; you may need to double check your insurance to determine if you have MedPay coverage and what the Medpay limits are.
  • Should I have an attorney?
    We recommend it. We take care of your medical injuries and an attorney helps you with the “at fault” insurance company. An attorney will also help you get the most from your settlement. We collaborate with many attorneys and are happy to refer you to one.
  • I feel worse a few days after my accident, is this normal?"
    Yes, this is called delayed soreness. Some patients will report pain immediately after an accident while others will report pain days later. There are many reasons why victims of car accidents report injuries days after but rest assured that it is normal.
  • Will I need an x-ray or a MRI?
    During your first visit, we will perform a very detailed physical assessment to determine if you will need either an x-ray or an MRI. If you do require imaging, we can recommend several facilities with multiple locations for your convenience.
  • Can I fill out paperwork before coming in for my first visit?
    Yes, forms can be found on our website or emailed to you.
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