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​Natasha Williams, DC, CCSP, CBIS is a board-certified Sports Chiropractic Physician and a board-certified Brain Injury Specialist who focuses on returning athletes back to play. Dr. Williams currently treats Olympic athletes, professional cyclists, D1 collegiate athletes, professional mixed martial artists, elite power lifters, professional body builders, and athletes from many other sports. Dr. Williams has expanded her practice to treat people injured in car accidents and people who have suffered a mTBI (minor traumatic brain injury/concussion). 

Dr. Williams graduated with a degree in Chemistry and a degree in Psychology before attaining her doctorate in Chiropractic from The University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. She then went on to complete post-doctorate studies to become a board certified Sports Chiropractic Physician, and a board certified Brain Injury Specialist.   


Dr. Williams has been practicing since 2003 and combines her education and experience to treat athletes and people involved in car accidents. 

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