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Using State Of The Art Technology:
Neufit &Cold Lasers
To Help Maximize Recovery&

Boost Performance

When you work hard and play harder, B2Y is committed to seeing every moment as an opportunity for your next personal record.
Stay competitive.

B2Y Rehab and Sports Therapy

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or looking to bring your game to the next level, B2Y is the place to help realize your treatment goals.

Maximize Recovery

Each day you suffer from an injury is a day you aren’t making gains. Dr. Natasha Williams and her staff can quickly and effectively put you on track to a maximum recovery.

Boost Performance

When your body is functioning at its best, you’re free to reach new pinnacles of performance. It’s time to start shattering personal records and become the healthiest, happiest possible you.

Results Driven

B2Y, Rehab and Sports Therapy is focused on you. Treatments begin with a personal consultation, which allows us to tailor each session to your own unique goals, letting you enjoy maximum results.

Think of B2Y as a home base for athletes and people involved in car accidents. It’s a place to recharge bodies and recover from injuries due to car accidents.

New Treatment Options

Erchonia is the world leader in laser therapy. Low level laser therapy in non-invasive, fast, and effective tool that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce edema, and promote healing. 

If you are looking to recover faster from injury, improve performance, or build more muscle then look no further than the FDA - cleared Neubie machine. This devise helps you recover faster after surgery(30-70%), reverse chronic pain, recover from sports injury, restore function after neurological injures.

Rehab & Sports Therapy

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